Intelligent Fleet Management for Commercial Vehicles

By inducing the latest technologies including multiple sensor integration, big data analysis and deep learning, FUNTORO Telematics Solution provides transportation sector a smarter way to control their fleets. The applications such as real-time vehicle tracking, ADAS event notification, fuel level monitoring, and driver & cargo safety bring the great values to customers and improve operational efficiency along with company profit.

Product Benefit

Optimize your fleet efficiency
Reduce operating costs
Maximize fuel efficiency
Reduce maintenance costs
Improve driver behaviors
Lower insurance premiums
Enhance driver & cargo safety
Improve customer satisfaction

Multi Type Device

Telematics AIO
Telematics Box
Telematics Server


  • Coach
  • City Bus
  • Logistic Vehicle
  • Truck
  • Utility
  • Fire Engine
  • Ambulance
  • School Bus
  • Construction

Product Features

Fleet Management

    Real-time vehicle location tracking *
    (You cannot receive locaiton signal without GPS device)
    Vehicle route records and history
    Route geo-fence management *
    Automatic maintenance notification and management
    Fuel level monitoring and control *
    Backup battery for applications in case of power loss or ACC off *
    Simple-to-use management platform by PC, tablets and mobile APP

Driver Management

    Driver identification via NFC or PIN code *
    Driver on-duty time management
    Hands free communication with fleet managers via Bluetooth connectivity *
    Real-time safety alerts to drivers
    SOS button for emergency
    Two-way communication between driver and fleet center
    Driving behavior monitoring

Safety and Monitoring

    ADAS integration *
    Real-time event recording
    Rear view camera
    Real-time temperature monitoring *
    Tire Pressure Monitoring System *

Analytics Reporting

    Fleet operation efficiency report
    Driver ranking and performance report
    ADAS event data log and report

* Optional by customer's need

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