Telematics Solution for Commercial Vehicles


What FUNTORO provides is a smart and comprehensive solution to optimize fleet, driver performance and productivity along with safety. This solution has greatly revolutionized the way commercial fleet companies run business by real-time fleet management with cloud-based platform.


A Whole New Experience for Bus and Coach Travel


Our infotainment solutions deliver unlimited multimedia to passengers with HD movies, selected music, FM radio, satellite TV, and internet, as well as useful information including the route map, estimation of arrival time, station announcement, weather forecast and tourist guides.

Wi-Fi Streaming Solution for Public Transportation


This solution allows you to offer your passengers the media experience they’ve come to expect at home through their mobile devices, including movies, music, photos, e-book, internet access or travel videos featuring destinations along the route.


An Interactive AD Solution for Taxi


A unique digital media platform with full motion multimedia, streamed content, latest offers, promotions and other information based on geography and passenger preferences. Designed to get you engaging with the passenger and make your campaigns go further.

Intelligent and Connected Railway Solution


With cutting-edge technologies, FUNTORO Railway Infotainment Solution is designed to provide an unrivaled traveling experience by delivering high-quality multimedia content, real-time information and value-added services to passengers through interactive touch screens.

Interactive Media Platform for Commercial Sectors


What FUNTORO delivers is an innovative business model that brings our clients the greatest values, enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction along with company profit by interactive media and advertising platform.

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