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FUNTORO, a subsidiary brand of MSI (Micro-Star International) Group, is the global leader in Telematics and Infotainment solutions for coach buses, trucks, railway and commercial sectors. It is also the Tier 1 supplier of global OE manufacturers including Mercedes Benz, MAN, SCANIA, IRIZAR and MODASA.


We provide Infotainment, Fleet Management and Digital Advertising solutions with a Cloud Management platform for our customers to adopt new business model and technology to transform their existing daily operations, as well as enhance their business performance with focus on revenue optimization, operation efficiency and safety management. There are an estimated 1,000,000+ terminals across 43+ countries running the brand system on buses, coaches, taxis, railway, stadium and other commercial venues.


With more than 30 years of experience and expertise in automotive industry, our team is also capable of supplying extensive product design, engineering and manufacturing services to our partners in automotive, industrial and commercial sectors. Our mission is to deliver superior products and services that exceed customer's expectation with the most advanced technologies, high-quality manufacturing and supply chain management.

Social Responsibility


Green Policy

In response to the increasingly stringent environmental regulations and the demands of our international clientele, provide environmentally friendly products and services to consumers and move towards the goals of the green design, green resources, and green technology, thus we have taken eco design into consideration during the R&D and design phases of a product. All of our products use environmentally friendly materials for packaging to make sure our products meet the RoHS, WEEE and ERP requirements. Our ultimate goal is to develop products that are environmentally friendly and offer great performance. MSI and its suppliers will work together towards the aforementioned goals, starting with the procurement of raw materials to render all MSI products conform to the four tenets of "low hazard", "extended product life", "energy saving" and "ease of recycling" and observe the three Rs -- reduce, reuse, recycle.

And through this online system to:

  - Make sure that our products comply with the environmental regulations of different countries.

  - Reduce man-made errors and save costs of labor.

  - Enhance product competitiveness and market response capabilities.

MSI is committed to having our products responsibly recycled when they reach the end of life.

Environmental Performance

We engage mainly in factory assembly and R&D in the office setting that is free of any high energy consuming activities. Our operations consume principally water and electricity, while the consumption of other resources, including gasoline and diesel for cars and natural gas for cafeteria cooking, amounts to less than 10% of water and electricity consumption. Thus our energy conservation efforts focus on the reduction of water and electricity consumption as described below:

Electricity Conservation

  • Zone power control: Each production line in the plant is installed with a meter to control the air conditioning, lighting, and power use in the zone. The same power control scheme is used for public chiller room and nitrogen air compressor room.
  • Lighting adjustment: The lighting throughout the plant is checked to determine the required luminosity, and extra light tubes in the office area and public area are removed to save electricity.
  • Adjusting the outlet water temperature of chiller: We have adjusted the outlet water temperature of the chiller to 7 degrees from 6.5 degrees.
  • Onsite control of air conditioners: User units would carry out onsite control of air conditioner to avoid unnecessary waste resulting from the uniform set of temperature. The thermostatic and hydrostatic areas in the warehouse are reduced in view of the use situation.
  • Installing split-type air conditioners in some R&D areas: As air conditioning system is not required in some R&D areas after the staff has left for the day, the chillers in those areas are turned off after work.
  • Changing the method of central air conditioning system control: Currently blower coil pipes of the central air conditioning system are separately controlled with a three-speed switch. We plan to switch to the use of temperature controller.
  • Cutting down the working hours of air handling unit of the air conditioning system in some areas.
  • Installing solar panel and solar water heater in some areas of the plant.

Water Conservation

  • Mobile water pumps: Use collected rainwater for landscape watering.
  • Stepped-up patrol inspection: Increase the patrol inspection of water systems to reduce water loss.
  • Recycling and re-utilization plan: The MSI Shenzhen began to experiment with water recycling in 2009. The project is still in trial operation and not fully implemented yet.

Fuel Oil Conservation

  • Controlling the opening hours of the boiler in living area: Use IC card to control the use of hot water so as to reduce the use of fuel oil.
  • Air compressor heat recovery system: The heat generated by the air compressor is recycled for heating to reduce the use of fuel oil.

Waste Management

We engage mainly in the assembly of electronic products. Thus the solid waste we mainly generate including IC tray, tin slag, waste plastic, mixed metals and waste paper. IT tray, tin slag, waste plastic, waste paper and mixed metals are processed and recycled by the professional waste hauler, whereas general waste, including daily refuse, is collected by the water hauler and hauled to incinerator or landfill for disposal. Hazardous waste, including waste light tubes, gloves with oil sludge, waste battery, and waste solvents are collected by the waste hauler and then buried or treated in other manners.


Awards & Reviews

  • Best Choice Award in Computex Taipei, 2018
  • Best Choice Award in Computex Taipei, 2017
  • Taiwan Excellence Awards, 2016
  • Outstanding IT Applications/Products Award, 2013
  • Best Choice Award in Computex Taipei, 2013
  • Taiwan Excellence Award, 2011
  • Outstanding IT Applications/Products Award, 2011
  • Taiwan Excellence 100 Award on ITS / Telematics, 2011

  • Best Choice Award in Computex Taipei, 2010
  • Grand BAAV Award in Busworld Asia, 2010
  • Europe Autotec Prix Award, 2010
  • Innovation Award in Autotronics Taipei, 2010
  • Taiwan Excellence Award, 2010
  • Best Choice Award in Computex Taipei, 2009

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No.69, Lide St., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan

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