IoT Connected Railway Solution

Designed for rail passenger transport, FUNTORO Railway Solution is applicable to multiple rail vehicles such as intercity trains, high-speed trains and metros. It is a comprehensive solution covering from infotainment, onboard security, seat occupancy detection to digital advertising. With advanced sensor integration and IoT technologies, FUNTORO solution enables intelligent rail transport, and revolutionizes the way people commute and travel in smart cities.

Product Benefits

Optimize operation efficiency and save manpower

Through centralized management on media contents and onboard devices.

Lower operating expenses and simplify maintenance

By consolidating multiple single-purpose applications onto one converged, open-standards IP network, and by taking advantage of predictive capabilities that can recommend improvements in advance.

Central Management System (CMS)

Based on the core technology of Central Management System, FUNTORO Railway Solution provides passengers with on-demand multimedia, onboard ordering and shopping services, as well as seamlessly integrates with Train Control Management System for effective communication and management.


  • Railway
  • Ferry

Product Features

  • Each carriage is equipped with a Media Server managed by Central Primary Server on board to provide media on demand services for passengers.
  • Automatic update on Media Server content and software via Giga network, as well as onboard device management with diagnostics reports.
  • Each Media Server can work independently even disconnection with Primary Server, and auto-detect when connecting to Primary Server again.

Primary Server

  • Powerful railway management server.
  • MOD, Wireless MOD, PIS application.
  • Design compliant with Railway Standards.
  • Agility: reduce deployment time from months to days.
  • Railway EN50155 certified.

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