The Next-Gen Media On Demand Solution for Passenger Transport

Wi-Fi 6 MOD Solution

By utilizing the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology and supporting DisplayPort Alternate Mode, passengers can enjoy rich multimedia with high-speed transmission and allows fast battery charging of smartphones simultaneously. Furthermore, integrated with gesture recognition technology, each passenger can interact with his/her own MOD monitor and select favorite content playback by gesture control.


Gesture Control
Quick Charge
Route Info
LBS Service
Wi-Fi 6

Product Benefits

Growth in Ticket Sales
Extra Profit from Advertising
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Enhance Operation Efficiency
Content Management via e-Station

Growth in Ticket Sales

By delivering unlimited multimedia contents including movies, music, games, TV programmes, real-time information and value-added services, it brings more passengers along with growth in ticket sales.

Extra Profit from Advertising

Our solution delivers the best platform for advertisers to efficiently broadcast dynamic digital contents to target audience with accurate Ad performance reports and big data analysis.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Through e-questionnaire, it is easy to collect passengers’ feedback on system or facility on board to improve service quality.

Enhance Operation Efficiency

Real-time vehicle tracking and remote diagnostics on onboard devices and network through FUNTORO Cloud management platform.

Content Management via e-Station

Automatic high-speed content transmission such as movies and advertising contents thru station Wi-Fi.


  • Coach Bus
  • Tour Bus
  • Railway
  • Ferry
  • Stadium

Product Features

Passenger Infotainment

    Unlimited multimedia platform
    Fast charging service for mobile devices
    Support DisplayPort Alternate Mode
    Media playback by gesture control
    Support Bluetooth headphones
    On-board ordering and shopping service
    Real-time route and station information
    Location-based service and advertisement

Operation Management

    Cloud management platform
    Fleet and driver management
    Diagnostic reports of on-board devices
    Smart advertising system
    e-Station for fast content update

Intelligent Fleet Management for Commercial Vehicles

By inducing the latest technologies including multiple sensor integration, big data analysis and deep learning, FUNTORO Telematics Solution provides transportation sector a smarter way to control their fleets. The applications such as real-time vehicle tracking, ADAS event notification, fuel level monitoring, and driver & cargo safety bring the great values to customers and improve operational efficiency along with company profit.

Product Benefit

Optimize your fleet efficiency
Reduce operating costs
Maximize fuel efficiency
Reduce maintenance costs
Improve driver behaviors
Lower insurance premiums
Enhance driver & cargo safety
Improve customer satisfaction

Multi Type Device

Telematics AIO
Telematics Box
Telematics Server


  • Coach
  • City Bus
  • Logistic Vehicle
  • Truck
  • Utility
  • Fire Engine
  • Ambulance
  • School Bus
  • Construction

Product Features

Fleet Management

    Real-time vehicle location tracking *
    (You cannot receive locaiton signal without GPS device)
    Vehicle route records and history
    Route geo-fence management *
    Automatic maintenance notification and management
    Fuel level monitoring and control *
    Backup battery for applications in case of power loss or ACC off *
    Simple-to-use management platform by PC, tablets and mobile APP

Driver Management

    Driver identification via NFC or PIN code *
    Driver on-duty time management
    Hands free communication with fleet managers via Bluetooth connectivity *
    Real-time safety alerts to drivers
    SOS button for emergency
    Two-way communication between driver and fleet center
    Driving behavior monitoring

Safety and Monitoring

    ADAS integration *
    Real-time event recording
    Rear view camera
    Real-time temperature monitoring *
    Tire Pressure Monitoring System *

Analytics Reporting

    Fleet operation efficiency report
    Driver ranking and performance report
    ADAS event data log and report

* Optional by customer's need

IoT Connected Railway Solution

Designed for rail passenger transport, FUNTORO Railway Solution is applicable to multiple rail vehicles such as intercity trains, high-speed trains and metros. It is a comprehensive solution covering from infotainment, onboard security, seat occupancy detection to digital advertising. With advanced sensor integration and IoT technologies, FUNTORO solution enables intelligent rail transport, and revolutionizes the way people commute and travel in smart cities.

Product Benefits

Optimize operation efficiency and save manpower

Through centralized management on media contents and onboard devices.

Lower operating expenses and simplify maintenance

By consolidating multiple single-purpose applications onto one converged, open-standards IP network, and by taking advantage of predictive capabilities that can recommend improvements in advance.

Central Management System (CMS)

Based on the core technology of Central Management System, FUNTORO Railway Solution provides passengers with on-demand multimedia, onboard ordering and shopping services, as well as seamlessly integrates with Train Control Management System for effective communication and management.


  • Railway
  • Ferry

Product Features

  • Each carriage is equipped with a Media Server managed by Central Primary Server on board to provide media on demand services for passengers.
  • Automatic update on Media Server content and software via Giga network, as well as onboard device management with diagnostics reports.
  • Each Media Server can work independently even disconnection with Primary Server, and auto-detect when connecting to Primary Server again.

Primary Server

  • Powerful railway management server.
  • MOD, Wireless MOD, PIS application.
  • Design compliant with Railway Standards.
  • Agility: reduce deployment time from months to days.
  • Railway EN50155 certified.

Innovative and Profitable Advertising Platform for Bus & Coach

A great opportunity to enhance brand image for advertiser, an extra revenue stream for transport operators and an unparalleled travel experience for passengers.

Product Benefits

Real-time Targeting

Reach a captive audience through high impact and interactive Ads which promote your brand and products at the right time, reducing wastage and improving ROI.

Big Data Analytics

Generate and manage different types of reports based on the big data collected by FUNTORO Cloud from each instance of user interaction, which gives you an insight into your business.

Update Content through e-Station

With unique patented technology, FUNTORO e-Station solution enables an automatic high-speed content transmission through Wi-Fi.

Deliver Results Measurable and Optimized

You can view the performance of Ads from statistics and reports on FUNTORO Cloud. The response to each Ad based on the number of clicks and duration of view can be viewed to evaluate the effectiveness of each.

Boost Your Revenue

Our solution delivers the best platform for advertisers to efficiently broadcast dynamic digital contents to target audience, thereby creating a new revenue source.


  • Taxi
  • Bus & Coach
  • City Bus
  • Railway

Product Features

Dynamic Advertising Solution

  • Schedule ads based on date, time and nature of channel.
  • Deliver multi-format contents with innovative Ad styles.
  • Remote content management on thousands of devices.

    Creative & Multiple Application Formats

    • Advertising all the time by various types such as video, banner and text.
    • Video ad, banner ad, information, interactive activities, and event trigger.
    • Flexible customization of various promotion events.
    • Promotions can be combined with shopping, ordering for real-time transaction and questionnaire.

Location-based Advertising

  • Personalize advertisers' messages to people based on their current location in real-time.

AD Performance Report

  • Based on the number of views, touch points and time slots, the performance of each AD displayed can be evaluated and analyzed.
  • Along with these parameters, it enables report generation based on date ranges.

Offer Maximum Safety for Passengers While Traveling

Smart Face Recognition Access Control

As the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues its march throughout the globe, body temperature measurement has become one of a crucial steps in preventing the spread of the virus.

With AI-based face recognition and infrared thermal technologies, MSI FUNTORO develops a smart access control system for public transportation and commercial sectors.

While passengers are getting on the bus, the system will automatically detect the body temperature with high accuracy and alarm when the temperature is too high or abnormal, as well as detect whether the passenger is wearing a face mask or not. This helps transport operators save lots of time and manpower cost, and enhance operating efficiency.


Product Features

Touchless Measurement
Temperature Detection
Face Mask Detection
AI Face Recognition
Real-time Alert
Big Data Analysis
Designed for Vehicle
People Counting
Ticketing Integration
Attendance System Integration

Product Benefits


  • Coronavirus survives on the surface of objects up to 72 hours.
  • Avoid close contact to prevent the spread of viruses.


  • Touchless attendance system records employees' attendance.
  • Smart temperature screening ensures employees' health.
  • Footprint records of potential infected people can be easily traced.


  • Accurate face recognition for efficient access control.
  • Facial recognition prevents buddy punching.
  • Increase the level of security to keep workplace safe.

Save Cost

  • No staff required for smart temperature screening.
  • Quick temperature measurement saves 80% time.
  • Much lower cost than $300K thermal imaging camera.


  • Instant temperature check and clock in within 0.2 seconds.
  • Clock-in with face recognition.
  • Easy to install, fast to implement.


  • Prevent buddy punching by instant face recognition.
  • Attendance management & epidemic inspection all at once.
  • Real-time monitoring and management of system devices.


  • Public Transportation
  • Station & Terminal
  • Commercial Building
  • Hospitality
  • Medical Center
  • Finance & Banking
  • School & Museum
  • Shopping Mall
  • Residential Building

A Health Shield Against Viruses in the Post-Pandemic Era

UVC LED Sterilization Solution

With the outbreak of COVID-19 globally, all governments and companies are making efforts to prevent the spread of epidemic. In view of this, MSI FUNTORO has developed the world‘s most powerful air sterilization system for public transportation and commercial sectors. Through the technology of UV-C light (275nm) irradiation, the system can inactivate 99% of viruses and bacteria in the air circulating in the cabin, and allows continuous operation even if passengers are on board. Besides, featured with negative ions and low noise level, the system helps to improve cabin air quality and enables a more comfortable environment for passengers while taking public transportation.


Product Benefits


  • UV-C LED sterilization
  • Antibacterial environment
  • Continuous working during operation
  • Shockproof design
  • High stability & reliability


  • Low noise level
  • Negative ionization
  • Breathing light
  • Remove odor molecules in the air
  • Eliminate dust & mildew

Energy Saving

  • Low power consumption
  • Instant on & off
  • No need for system warm-up
  • Long lifetime operation
  • Low maintenance cost


  • Non-toxic
  • Mercury-free
  • No ozone generation
  • No chemical pollution



Product Features

UV-C LED Sterilization
With 275nm wavelength
99% Inactivation Rate
of virus & bacteria
Continuous Working
During operation
Unique Aerodynamics
Improve air circulation efficiency
Negative Ionization
Improve air quality
Breathing Light Design
Long Lifetime Operation
Up to 5 years
Low Noise Level
Increase passenger comfort
LED Indicator
For easy maintenance
Ceiling Design
For easy installation
12V/24V Power Design


  • Public Transportation
  • Station & Terminal
  • Commercial Building
  • Hospitality
  • Medical Center
  • Finance & Banking
  • School & Museum
  • Shopping Mall
  • Residential Building
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