Innovative and Profitable Advertising Platform for Bus & Coach

A great opportunity to enhance brand image for advertiser, an extra revenue stream for transport operators and an unparalleled travel experience for passengers.

Product Benefits

Real-time Targeting

Reach a captive audience through high impact and interactive Ads which promote your brand and products at the right time, reducing wastage and improving ROI.

Big Data Analytics

Generate and manage different types of reports based on the big data collected by FUNTORO Cloud from each instance of user interaction, which gives you an insight into your business.

Update Content through e-Station

With unique patented technology, FUNTORO e-Station solution enables an automatic high-speed content transmission through Wi-Fi.

Deliver Results Measurable and Optimized

You can view the performance of Ads from statistics and reports on FUNTORO Cloud. The response to each Ad based on the number of clicks and duration of view can be viewed to evaluate the effectiveness of each.

Boost Your Revenue

Our solution delivers the best platform for advertisers to efficiently broadcast dynamic digital contents to target audience, thereby creating a new revenue source.


  • Taxi
  • Bus & Coach
  • City Bus
  • Railway

Product Features

Dynamic Advertising Solution

  • Schedule ads based on date, time and nature of channel.
  • Deliver multi-format contents with innovative Ad styles.
  • Remote content management on thousands of devices.

    Creative & Multiple Application Formats

    • Advertising all the time by various types such as video, banner and text.
    • Video ad, banner ad, information, interactive activities, and event trigger.
    • Flexible customization of various promotion events.
    • Promotions can be combined with shopping, ordering for real-time transaction and questionnaire.

Location-based Advertising

  • Personalize advertisers' messages to people based on their current location in real-time.

AD Performance Report

  • Based on the number of views, touch points and time slots, the performance of each AD displayed can be evaluated and analyzed.
  • Along with these parameters, it enables report generation based on date ranges.

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