FUNTORO authorized MOD Technology to develop further application of MOD System

Date: April 17, 2018

Media On Demand(MOD) is one of the most demanding solutions of FUNTORO, which features a combination of infotainment & value-added services and it’s high level of integration capability. In order to assure that all FUNTORO customers will get the most out of our MOD System, FUNTORO started collaborative partnership with MOD Technology with an aim to enrich, extend our core technologies.

MOD Technology will put great emphasize on application & technology development of MOD solution. With the support of FUNTORO and great effort of MOD Technology R&D team, we are expected to see brand new functions & business models, a wider range of applications & integration, a more flexible UI design and a stronger, better performance in the next generation of MOD solution.

For more information please visit MOD Technology:

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