2017- A critical year for FUNTORO on transformation of business operations and strategies.

Date: April 2, 2018


Scott Chen, Managing Director of FUNTORO, talks about FUNTORO’s achievement in 2017 and vision for 2018.

“2017 has been an extraordinary year for FUNTORO. Apart from a double-digit growth, in 2017 we had a stellar performance in global business expansion, solution innovation and customer satisfaction. We expanded our operations into new territories, inducing new business models and innovations that achieve our mission to make our customers safer, more efficient and profitable. Regarding product line expansion, our solutions have been widely applied in automotive, railway and commercial industries, from Tier 1 OE, governmental organization to aftermarket sectors.” Scott Chen said.

In 2017 FUNTORO launched several new solutions & innovations, providing a broader range of services that benefits customers from different kind of industries. For commercial vehicle sector FUNTORO introduced Smart AD Solution for taxi fleets and a new generation of MOD and Wi-Fi Streaming Solution for coach buses, which combines multimedia with location-based advertising & information. As for trucks, Integration of Telematics Solution with FUNTORO Cloud, ADAS and fleet data analysis has improved safety & operation efficiency of its customers worldwide. In commercial applications sectors, the Stadium & Arena Solution and Hospitality Solution empower sport venues, hotels and event centers by creating an interactive platform that connects fans & sport teams, guests & venue services in pursuit of profit enhancement and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

“FUNTORO also achieved great success in expanding business globally.” Scott Chen mentioned. “We began cooperation with local fleet partners in US and we are expecting to see positive results this year. As for European countries, we expect to observe continuous growth in demand of new innovations and technology. In Latin America, we continued to have strong growth and also started cooperate with new partners as we are ready for new collaboration opportunities in this region. As for Asia Pacific, we had engaged with key industry players in several emerging countries to see great potential. Our Next step is to induce our successful business model into all these regions and keep the momentum going.”

“As a pioneer in commercial vehicle Infotainment & Telematics industries, FUNTORO is redefining public transportation by creating a highly-integrated platform that offers innovations in passenger commuting and transportation infrastructure management. With the effort of FUNTORO team and our partners worldwide, we have every confidence to expand our business into over 40 countries, achieving at least thirty percent business growth in 2018. No doubt, this is going to be a thrilling and promising year for all of us.” Scott Chen said.

Scott Chen, Managing Director of FUNTORO, also served as AVP for Automotive & Commercial Solution Division of MSI Group.



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